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Racing Syndicate Organisers

Racks & Stands

Racquet Restringers & Repairers

Radio Communication Equipment & or Service

Radio Distributors, Parts & or Service

Radio Programme Producers

Radio Stations

Radio & Television Schools

Radio & Television Station Equipment


Radios & Stereos–Automotive

Railway Construction Equipment & Materials

Railway Services

Railway & Tramway Rolling Stock

Raincoat Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Range Hoods

Razor & Industrial Blades Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Reading Improvement

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Auctioneers

Real Estate Development

Real Estate Buyers Agents

Real Estate Listing Services

Real Estate Sales Advisory Services


Recording Equipment & Supplies

Recording Services

Rectifiers & Inverters

Recycled Clothing

Recycling Depots-Beverage Containers (A. & C. – SA Only)

Recycling Equipment

Recycling Services

Recycling Services

Reels-Cable & or Hose

Reflective & or Luminous Products



Refractory Materials

Refrigerated Transport Services

Refrigerated Transport Trucks & Equipment

Refrigeration–Commercial & Industrial–Retail & Service

Refrigeration-Domestic-Repairs & Service


Refrigeration Engineers

Refrigeration Equipment & Parts-Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Regalia & or Academic Wear

Rehabilitation Services


Relaxation Therapy


Relocation Consultants &/or Services

Repetition Engineers

Rescue Services

Research-Industrial & Scientific

Residential Villages

Resins & or Resin Products



Resume Services

Retaining Walls

Retirement Planning & or Advisory Services

Retirement Villages

Ribbons & Tapes-Wholesalers and Manufacturers

Rice Millers

Rigging & Erection Contractors & or Services

Risk Management Consultants

Rivets & or Riveting Equipment

Road Building Machinery

Road Contractors

Road & or Line Marking

Road Transport Vehicles & Equipments


Roadside Assistance


Rock Climbing Venues & Equipment

Rollers-Wooden, Metal, Rubber etc

Roof Construction

Roof Repairers &/or Cleaners

Roof Trusses & Wall Frames

Roofing Materials

Roller Skating Rinks

Roller Shutters & or Grilles

Rope & Twine

Rotary Hoeing

Rubber & or Metal Stamp Makers Equipment & Supplies

Rubber &/or Metal Stamps

Rubber Products-Retail

Rubber Products–Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Rubbish Removers


Rustproofing & or Protective Services

Rustproofing Supplies & or Equipment