WELCOME to the

Virtual Lounge

  • An easy to use online system that lets you create a production easily and quickly
  • With access to scripts and the ability to preview your on-hold messages.


  • Build a library of your on-hold messages.
  • Pick and choose which messages you want your customers to hear and when.

Read & Edit

  • Access your most recent on-hold message script
  • Make any changes you wish to your on-hold message script.
  • Email your changes directly to your Client Care Representative.




  • We are committed to providing our customers with accessible, high-quality support.  Your Client Care Representative is available to answer your queries should you require any assistance.



  • A Virtual Assistant to remind you when it’s time to update your on-hold message for upcoming sales, change of opening hours for Public Holidays, Exhibitions and/or Shows.



  • Easily access the built-in Private Messaging Function, which allows for a secure exchange of ideas and comments.




  • Our talented Scriptwriting Team will work on creating a custom on-hold message script for your business containing several different 30-second on-hold messages that continuously loop. 
  • What do you think your callers need to know about your products and services?


  • Our Scriptwriting Team will then post your on-hold script to your Virtual Lounge for your review and approval.
  • You can email your Client Care Representative with any changes, updates and/or final approval.



  • Our Production Team will then record your on-hold message and post your audio file to your Virtual Lounge for immediate download to the USB Flash Drive of your OHM player.